HH&CC Halloween Geocoin

This geocoin was produced for the ‘HH&CC 2012 MEGA Event – Reincarnated’ mega event.

Side ASide BIconFinishEditionQuantityDescription
Black NickelRE250Material: Metal
Size: 44.2mm
Depth: 3.7mm
Prefix: HM
Year: 2012
Designer: The Halloween Crew
Producer: Oakcoins

This geocoin shows the silhouette of a a bat and witch riding a broomstick in the night sky on Side A and title of the event. An orange background with black cauldron with the initials of the event in red across the centre and trackable code below are on Side B. The trackable icon is the generic trackable logo.



Icon Figure
HH&CC 2012 MEGA Event – Reincarnated Mega Event Page on the Geocaching.com Website
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