The UK Geocoin Database project was started in 2022 and the website released on the 1st January 2023. It will continue to grow and develop as new geocoins are released and additional information collected. The aim of the UK Geocoin Database is to provide information on geocoins from or associated with the UK and British Isles.

I hope you find the website useful and I thank you for visiting!

What is a Geocoin?

A geocoin is a special type of trackable item on geocaching.com.  They are specially minted and have a trackable code with the same prefix (the first two characters) but with different suffixes (remaining characters) making them all individually identifiable.  They were originally designed to be put in caches by their owners and then moved from geocache to geocache by geocachers, however, due to them being stolen they are mainly now in people‚Äôs private collections.  Thus, the purpose of the UK Geocoin Database is to bring geocoins to the wider geocaching community.



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