Event Mega Geocoin by CoinsAndPins.com

This is a generic geocoin which has a metal plate for personal engravings on ‘Side B’.


Event Mega Geocoin by CoinsAndPins.com – Halloween Committee

This geocoin was produced for the committee of the ‘HH&CC 2012 MEGA Event – Reincarnated’ mega event. The engraving on Side B reads “GC32G7P HH&CC 2012 Reincarnated We made it MEGA!”.

Side ASide BIconFinishEditionQuantityDescription
Polished NickelRE
Not KnownMaterial: Metal
Size: 44.45mm
Depth: 3.1mm
Prefix: ME
Year: Not Known
Designer: Coins and Pins
Producer: Coins and Pins

The geocaching mega event logo is at the centre of Side A with a compass design around the outside. Side B is also decorative and has the trackable code. The trackable icon is a red circle with geocaching mega event logo overlaid.



Icon Figure
Event Geocoin – Regular on the Coins and Pins Website
Event Geocoin Mega – Polished Gold on the Geocoinshop.de Website