Signal Geocoin – Jan 07

This geocoin reflects the landmark Stonehenge and was the January 2007 edition of a series of geocoins titled the World Geocaching Series which showed Signal in different countries.

Side ASide BIconFinishEditionQuantityDescription
Antique SilverRE
(UK – Stonehenge)
(Trackable Codes)
Material: Metal
Size: 44.45mm
Depth: 3.5mm
Prefix: PC
Year: 2007
Designer: The Geocoin Store
Producer: The Geocoin Store

Signal, the geocaching mascot is peeping around one of the stones from Stonehenge on Side A with two black pears and date. A larger view of Stonehenge is shown on Side B with geocaching logo above and trackable code below, around the outside is the geocoin series name and country. The trackable icon is Signal peeping around one of the Stonehenge stones to the same design as Side A.



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