GC43 20th Anniversary Edition

This geocoin was produced to celebrate 20th anniversary of the first geocache in Europe, GC43.

Side ASide BIconFinishEditionQuantityDescription
Antique CopperRE60Material: Metal
Size: 44.5mm
Depth: 3.3mm
Prefix: GI
Year: 2020
Designer: Donnacha
Producer: Donnacha

The title and logo of Geocaching Ireland are on Side A, a birthday cake with 20 on represents the 20th anniversary of geocache GC43 the first in Ireland and Europe and also an individual minting number. A cliff with cross standing at the top are overlooking the promenade and beach scene below, details of the geocache are around the outside, there is also an ammo can and the trackable code. The trackable icon is the generic trackable logo.



Icon Figure
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