The NW Geocoin

This geocoin was produced by a group of geocachers from the North West of England.

Side ASide BIconFinishEditionQuantityDescription
Black NickelRE200Material: Metal
Size: 38mm
Depth: 3mm
Prefix: PC
Year: 2008
Designer: muttoneer
Producer: UKGeocachers

Side A is a scene made up of several locations across the North West of England which includes factory chimneys, terraced houses, football, LS Lowry, canal barges, red rose, fishing, Sankey viaduct (with Stephensons Rocket), distant falls, sunshine with rain and Pendle Hill. Side B has the NW Caching Forum logo at the centre and name above and below is the geocaching logo. The trackable icon is the NW Caching Forum logo.



Icon Figure
The NW Geocoin on the Website
The NW Geocoin on the Geocaching Forum Website