Shropshire Way 2008 Geocoin

This geocoin was produced to represent the ‘Shropshire Way’, a long distance path in the county of Shropshire, England.

Side ASide BIconFinishEditionQuantityDescription
Polished GoldRE350
(Trackable Codes)
Material: Metal
Size: 45.5mm
Depth: 3.9mm
Prefix: PC
Year: Not Known
Designer: Not Known
Producer: Not Known

Side A shows the logo and name of The Shropshire Way, a long distance walking route in Shropshire. The number 50 is at the centre of Side B with the years above and trackable code below, around the outside is the text “Celebrating 50 years of access to the countryside in Shropshire”. The trackable icon is Side A of the geocoin.



Icon Figure
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