Church Micro Geocoin

This is a geocoin which was gifted to finders of the Church Micro 2364…Ashford St. Matthew’s mystery geocache by geocacher Amberel.

Side ASide BIconFinishEditionQuantityDescription
No Picture AvailableNo Picture AvailableAcrylicRE100Material: Acrylic
Size: 53mm
Depth: 1.5mm
Prefix: PC
Year: 2012
Designer: Amberel
Producer: Amberel

Side A shows a sketch of a church with the text “Church Micro”. Side B shows the trackable code, unique minting number and the geocaching logo. The trackable icon is a church with initials CM.



Icon Figure
Church Micro 2364…Ashford-St. Matthew’s Mystery Cache Page on the Website
Personal Communication with Amberel