Leap Year 2020 Multi Event Leap Frog Geocoin

This geocoin was produced to celebrate the 2020 leap year. It is included in the database due to the colour combination used by UK Geocacher Pan314159 on the 2016 leap frog geocoin.

Side ASide BIconFinishEditionQuantityDescription
Polished SilverXLE
25Material: Metal
Size: 42.5mm x 50mm
Depth: 3mm
Prefix: LY
Year: 2019
Designer: Compass Creek Designs
Producer: Cache Advance

The geocoin is in the shape of a frog with a plain Side A and details of the leap day and name of the geocoin on Side B. The trackable code is on Side B and the trackable icon is the generic trackable logo.



Icon Figure
Leap Year 2020 Multi Event Leap Frog Geocoin on the Geocache Niagara Website
A Catalogue of New Zealand Geocaching Trackables PDF Document – Page 44
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