UK Mega Essex 2015 – Hadleigh Castle Coin

This geocoin was produced for the ‘UK Mega Essex 2015’ mega event.

Side ASide BIconFinishEditionQuantityDescription
Antique SilverRE250
(Tracking Codes)
Material: Metal
Size: 44.6mm
Depth: 3.3mm
Prefix: ME
Year: 2015
Designer: UK Mega Essex 2015 Committee and Pulse72
Producer: Pulse72

The county flag of Essex is at the centre of Side A surrounded by the name of the mega event and four arrows the red arrow represents Hadleigh Castle is in the south of the county. Side B has an image of Hadleigh Castle, the coordinates, trackable code and around the outside is the mega event name and four arrows. The trackable icon is a castle in red with a red and white background and surrounded by a red circle..



Icon Figure
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