Mega Scotland 2014 Star Geocoin

This geocoin was produced for the ‘UK Mega Event 2014 – Ayrshire and Arran’ mega event.

Side ASide BIconFinishEditionQuantityDescription
Antique SilverRE250Material: Metal
Size: 45mm
Depth: 3mm
Prefix: SC
Year: 2013
Designer: Not Known
Producer: Not Known

Side A shows space with a large star, moon and earth at the centre, around the outside is the text “but brightly beams aboon them a” and “the star O’ Rabbie Burns”. Side B shows Robert Burns and the years he was born and died, with stars and moon above, at the bottom is the trackable code and the top has the name of the mega event. The geocaching icon is Robbie Burns at the centre of a white star upon a dark navy background.



Icon Figure
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