Geotees Custom Tag

This is trackable name used by Geotees for there trackable items.


Geotees Custom Tag – ‘uddersfield ‘ogmanay Geocoin

This is the event geocoin from the ‘‘uddersfield ‘ogmanay 2017’ event.

Side ASide BIconFinishEditionQuantityDescription
SlateRENot KnownMaterial: Slate
Size: 83.3mm
Depth: 3.1mm
Prefix: CT
Year: 2017
Designer: Geotees
Producer: Geotees

The title Uddersfield Ogmanay is at the top of the slate geocoin with a picture of event location underneath. The back shows the charity the donations of the geocoins went to with trackable code. The trackable icon is the Geotees Custom Tag generic logo showing the initials “CT” overlaid on the Union Jack flag.



Icon Figure
‘uddersfield ‘ogmanay Geocoin on the Yorkshire Christmas Geocaching Fayre Facebook Page
‘uddersfield ‘ogmanay 2017 Event Page on Website