1st mini coin fayre UK

This geocoin was produced for the ‘MINI Geo coin Fayre!’ event.

Side ASide BIconFinishEditionQuantityDescription
Black NickelRE50Material: Metal
Size: 45mm
Depth: 4mm
Prefix: PG
Year: 2016
Designer: Leonards193
Producer: Pulse72

A treasure chest full of gold coins is at the very centre of Side A with the name of the event above “MINI Geocoin Fayre” and below the date of the event. Side B has details and location of the event plus the Clifton Suspension Bridge at the very centre. The trackable icon is the treasure chest from Side A of the geocoin.



Icon Figure
MINI Geo coin Fayre! Event Page on the Geocaching.com Website
Personal Communication with Leonards193